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Tiny Toys at Tiny Prices, Just For Your Little Ones!
This is a special NEW section of Chopper's Toys, Just for your very small parrots! If you've got a Budgie, Parrotlet, Cockatiel, small Conure or another little picker & nibbler, this is your department!!


"Little Froggy"
Colorful card stock & little foam peices

6" x 5"

FFF02 $6.99


"Tiny Giggles"
Colorful folded ring of paper & beads

6.5" x 4.5"


FFF01 $6.99


"Balls & Stars" mini

Lots of shredding funfor tiny little birdies

7" x 1"

PLP09 $2.99


"Sparkle Q"
Little Beads & curly straws, preening fun for little birdies.

5" x 3.5"

TTS12 $4.99

"Mini Party Pine"
A tiny crispy crunchy pinecone , topped with lots of party paper shreds, hanging on jute twine.

2.5" x 5"


NT354 $6.99

"Mini Pine Dangle"
2 teeny tiny, crispy crunchy pinecones & braided grass pieces, strung on jute twine.
Now even the little birdies can enjoy chomping on a pinecone or two!

3" x 5"


NT353 $7.99

"Fortune Kookie Chime"

An adorable little toy, with a cluster of 3 paper fortune kookies (hiding peanut treats inside) and 3 little liberty bells.
Now even the tiny birdies can make a racket!

3.5" x 6"

TTS15 $8.99

"Squiggly Wiggly"

How cute is this tiny new toy?!
18 colorful rubber curly Q's strung up on 3 floppy legs coming out of a 2" grass reed ball, stuffed with crinkle paper shreds.
This will be a favorite of many a small birdies!

2.5" x 6"

TTS14 $9.99


"Mini Ball of Binkys"

6" x 2.5"

TTS13 $8.99


"Bottles, Pins, Rings & Things"
Lots of little plastic bottles, & other goodies, all hanging & jangling from a plastic disc. 

5.5" x 2"

TTS11 $7.99


"Falling Beads"

What birdie wouldn't love this adorable toy!???
Tons of tiny plastic beads, strung on seagrass, hanging out of a little straw hat (no threads)

9" x 3"

PP10 $11.99

"Square Ball Cluster"

4.5" x 2"

PLP16 $3.49


Mini "Hol-ee Roller"
Foraging Balls

Perfect for stuffing with small toy parts & treats. Your little birds will love'em!

2"  variety of colors

JWP02 $3.99 each

"Mini Full Strand"
Made with miniature playing cards & foam beads

7.5" x 0.75"

Also available in a larger version in "Softies"

TTS68 $2.99

"Kissing Hats"

An adorable little toy made with straw hats & lots of beads

7" x 4.5"

TTS65 $10.49

"Little Roger"
An adorable tiny toy made with pony beads & crispy straw pieces

5" x 2"

TTS51  $5.99

Available in Softies

"Tiny Flower Tower"
Colorful foam flowers strung on Poly Rope & a nickel pear link & bell

6" x 2"

TTS39  $4.99


"Mini Starburst"
Teeny tiny grass reed balls and little soft wood pieces strung on plastic cord

5.5" x 2.5"


TTS26  $7.99


"MINI Bird Kabob"
Tiny little soft agave chunks strung on sisal

12" x 1.5"


TTS19  $5.99


"Mini Piñata"
Woven cane & tassels

5" x 2"

TTS04 $3.49


"Piñata" small square
Woven cane & tassels

7" x 2"

TTS05  $5.99

"Octopus" small
Woven cane & tassels

8" x 2"

TTS06  $5.99


"Agave Spinner"
3 mini agave chunks with braided seagrass strips and wooden beads. Strung on natural jute twine with a nickel liberty bell

8" x 2"

TTS34  $6.99

"Sticks n Straw"
Crunchy braided straw,  woven into a thick knot with 10 mini popsicle sticks stuck thru the weave (this toy is similar to our Frayed Knot only smaller)

A Favorite for Cockatiels
3" wide x 8" long

NT326  $9.99


"Polly Preener"
A grass reed ball, stuffed with tons of colorful paper shreds with a crunchy grass reed tail

8" x 3"

TTS16  $5.99


Stainless Steel
Mini Treat Cage

Perfect for small birds. Stuff this cage with toy parts, goodies & treats. It will keep your parrot entertained for hours!

7.25" x 3"

SS04  $11.99


MINI "Tissue Box Stackers"
Each of these little open top boxes is stuffed with a treat surprise, all wrapped up in colorful tissue! (pistachios, pine nuts, sunflower & pumpkin). Strung on jute twine rope and finished off with a nickel liberty bells.

A larger version of this toy is available in Foraging Fun

TTS32  $6.99


"Mini Knot Block Preener"
Another little preening toy with tons of knots! These are adorable!

5" x 2"

TTS30  $6.99


MINI "Party Ball" Piñata
A little 2" piñata ball foot toy.
You can hide a few small treats inside for some foraging fun for your little ones


TTS36  $2.59


"Party Ball Cluster" Piñata
3 mini 2" piñata balls hanging from sisal rope.

You can separate the rope to make 3 individual hanging toys.


TTS37  $5.99


Small-4" perch
(Parrotlets, Parakeets, Love Birds)
Medium-6" perch
(Tiels, Conures, Quakers, Senegals)

"Perch Ponchos"
Supper Soft, All Fleece Sleepers
The Safest Sleepers Available!

No Threads to get tangled in
No Stitching to pull loose
No Pockets to get trapped in
No Nesting, won't encourage
egg laying
1/2" round, wood dowel perch
Hand Wash, Warm Water


Ponchos are available in a variety of festive color prints.
Please mention your color choice in the NOTES box when you check-out and we will do our best to fill your request.
Thank you

SL620s  $12.99

SL620m  $13.99

Click Here To See More Great Sleepers





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